Vortex Module for Anaerobic Digester


vortex 1


TERIX-Envirogaz’s process uses a mixing system that creates a movement optimized for anaerobic digestion, thus preventing the formation of crusts and the accumulation of deposits. The system, installed in each digester, creates a vortex that keeps solids from SOFs in an homogeneous suspension and maintains a constant temperature, which optimizes process efficiency and performance.



  • Jets create a vortex that optimizes the digester’s productivity
  • Mixes SOFs at various levels inside the digester
  • No moving components inside the digester, thus preventing maintenance inside the unit
  • Allows for the mixing of various digesters through one central pumping system
  • Pumping assembly easy to access and protected from adverse weather
  • Platform or in-container plant assembly for ease of installation


Mixing System Characteristics  
  • Ensures an homogeneous mix in all types of digesters, regardless of the level of SOFs inside, thus providing highly flexible operations

  • All mechanical components are located outside the digesters, thus ensuring ease of maintenance and operator security

  • Injection nozzles are located along the height of the digester, thus creating a vortex from top to bottom                                           

  • Feeders are pre-assembled on a platform or in a container, thus reducing on-site assembly time and ensuring product quality

  • Uses six to ten nozzles, based on digester size, for increased performance

  • Works intermittently, which generates considerable energy savings
Vortex System Specifications

Volume Capacity per Digester:                            

Between 1000 m³ and 5000 m³


vortex 2



Pump Type:                      

Centrifugal shredding   

Power Consumption:


26 kW for a 2000 m³ digester

Pump Capacity:


5.67 m³/h for a 2000 m³ digester

Nozzles Used:

Between 6 and 10, based on needs

Nozzle: Hi-chrome cast iron with epoxy lining