Termix Biomethanization Process

Terix-Envirogaz Termix Biomethanization Process

Terix-Envirogaz Termix Biomethanization Processn Terix-Envirogaz Termix Biomethanization Process



Our unique TERMIX™ process

TERIX-Envirogaz’s TERMIX™ biomethanization process is a unique three-step approach. The process, proprietary to TERIX-Envirogaz in North America, has shown, through its various installations, a level of performance, ruggedness, and efficiency that is second to none.

The TERMIX™ process produces up to 30% more biomethane than the normal process, allows for a greater variety of inputs, and all this with a very short retention time (10-15 days).

The TERMIX™ process ensures the disposal of all pathogenic bacteria. It also makes solid waste extracted from this process ready for land farming. Moreover, TERIX-Envirogaz’s modular systems and equipments shorten delivery lead time during component implementation in a biomethane production plant. All this results in lower on-site manpower needs and improved plant quality and efficiency.


  • Performance
    • Produces more biomethane per ton of input
    • Process produces up to 30% more biomethane
  • Flexibility
    • Variable quality and quantity of inputs
    • Digester design allows for a 300% annual tonnage variation
  • Ruggedness
    • Ensures complete digestion and hygienization
    • Eliminates all risks of contamination or odour production
  • Simplicity
    • Industrial modular sub-assembly approach
    • Sub-assemblies designed and manufactured in modular containers 


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