Hydraulic and Power Control Module for Anaerobic Digestion


Terix-Envirogaz HPC Module Terix-Envirogaz HPC Module
Terix-Envirogaz HPC Module


TERIX-Envirogaz’s hydraulic and power control modules for anaerobic digestion allow for waste-heat recovery from the digestion process and complete management of structured organic fluids (SOFs) through various digestion stages and temperatures. They provide the operator with a very flexible, yet completely automated process.



  • Recovery of waste heat from the process
  • Controls many temperatures (37°C, 50°C, and 70°C)
  • Organizes the flow of structured organic fluids (SOFs) while being versatile regarding process directional and sequential choices
  • Allows for simplified digesters maintenance without affecting operations
  • Easy integration through preassembled design
  • Rugged Variable-speed pumps for continuous input shredding


HPC Module Characteristics  
  • Can independently manage up to three temperatures (37°C, 50°C, and 70°C) through selected reservoirs

  • Pumping systems can easily shred SOFs without affecting pump durability and performance                                           

  • Their flexibility allows for organization of SOFs flow based on various directional and sequential choices

  • Can process quantities of source segregated organic material from 10,000 to 80,000 cubic tons, based on client needs

  • Module-integrated industrial hydrocyclone reduces system wear and need for maintenance

  • All equipments needed for process are located outside the reservoirs, and bolted elbows greatly simplify maintenance
  • Designed for continuous flow of SOFs to prevent formation of floating caps and crusts inside the reservoirs, thus optimizing the capture process

  • Easy and safe system inspection through optimized design and properly located accesses

HPC Module Specifications

Exchanger Type:                             

Power: based on client needs
Used design: Tube-Tube
Material: Type 316 (schedule #10) stainless steel
Heat transport coolant: 50/50 glycol-water

                                                                                            module energie 2                             

Pump type:                                                 

Variable speed motors
Integrated water head


Structure and assembly:                                                   

Pre-assembled modules on a variable length platform (based on client needs) or pre-assembled module inside an isolated sea freight container