Engineering and expertise 

  • Preliminary engineering and feasibility studies
  • Front-end Engineering Design - statements, drawings, equipments, instruments, controls
  • Construction support, start-up and optimization
  • Continuing training


Assistance on many levels


  • Licence Application
  • Pretest, Operating Parameters and Guidelines
  • Installation Follow-up
  • Pre-operating Tests and Start-up
  • Process Optimization
  • Digestate Management

Terix-Envirogaz offers operators operation and maintenance training for a safe and efficient production.

  • Training documentation
  • Theoretical training provided by professionals
  • On-site operational training period
  • Contextual setup on client site


After-sales Services 

Our team of engineers and technicians is supported by our parts-and-service network comprised of six offices in North America.

Terix-Envirogaz also offers a remote follow-up system that provides you with real-time second-tier support. Through a secure VPN, installed systems can remotely access control system maintenance and programming as well as field instrument verification through the plant’s smart network.