Methane Refining for Tractor Semi-Trailer Fuel

 Terix-Envirogaz Refining

Terix-Envirogaz provides the equipments and engineering services necessary to the methanization of organic material and biomethane refining. Terix-Envirogaz’s rugged industrial approach can process both landfill and methanization plant biomethane, and transform it in fuel appropriate for transport and injection in gas distribution lines.


Terix-Envirogaz’s unique solution  
  • Only one step to transform contaminated methane into liquified biomethane (LBM) used in tractor semi-trailers
  • Unique energy recovery system that reduces power consumption by 30% while producing 99.99%-pure methane
  • Unique gas (O2, N2) and siloxane elimination
  • All contaminants are eliminated in one rugged and efficient industrial process

Terix-Envirogaz Refining 


Biomethane refining 

The process developed by Terix-Envirogaz transforms biomethane coming in from landfills and digesters into fuel for tractor semi-trailers or natural gas for injection in gas distribution lines.

The solution allows processing of all contaminants in only one step, is very rugged and minimizes power consumption.


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Kryosol Process 

The process is divided into four steps:

  1. Conditioning phase, when biomethane is dehydrated and contaminants (such as BTX [benzene-toluene-xylene], siloxanes, C2 -C6 and C6+) are eliminated.
  2. Compression phase, when biomethane is compressed between 20 and 25 bars.
  3. Refining phase, an absorption-desorption process based on a methanol-cooled liquid. At this stage, CO2 and H2S are separated from the biogas to become biomethane. This phase can also contain two optional systems. One is for CO2 polishing (98% to 99.99% CH) and the other is for eliminating inert gases, a step necessary to the production of liquified biomethane (LBM).
  4. Liquefaction phase (for the production of LBM), that uses the compression-expansion phases of nitrogen during a cryogenic process in a perlite-sealed box.


Key Factors          Advantages  
  • Unique integrated process for transforming contaminated biomethane in liquified biomethane (LBM)
  • Minimal methane loss (less than 2%)

  • Efficient - Product with better commercial value

  • Simple - Easy-to-install modular approach                              
  • Can process biomethane produced from both biomethanization and landfills
  • All contaminants removed in one integrated process
  • Sustainable - Replaces fossil fuel in transport applications
  • Rugged - Allows for a wide array of contaminants and loads
  • Very high energy value (98% to 99.99% CH4)
  • Processes inert gases from landfills