Collection Module for Anaerobic Digestion




Terix-Envirogaz’s collection modules allow for flexible and complete management of organic inputs in anaerobic digestion processes. They bring operators numerous possibilities and a simplified process for feeding the system with organic material.    


  • Flexible management of organic inputs through five endless screws and independent controls in a 3-1-1 configuration
  • Maximized collection capacity adapted to the client’s needs
  • Collection of solid and liquid inputs
  • Pre-assembled design allows for easy integration and space optimization
  • Made of abrasion-resistant materials
Collection Pit Characteristics   
  • Equipped with five independently controlled endless screws in a 3-1-1- configuration that allow for optimization of input management
  • Made of 304L stainless steel for greater durability and abrasion resistance

  • Hollow core-type endless screws that optimize input fluidity and prevent material jams during screw rotation

  • Liquids recovered through the drain and filter basket are directly returned in the process

  • Module size adapted to client’s needs

  • Pre-assembled modular system simplifies on-site installation and ensures product quality


Collection Pit Specifications


100 m³ std



304L stainless steel

Three 5 hp moto reducers

One 7.5 hp moto reducer

One 30 hp moto reducer

Drain and filter basket


Terix-Envirogaz - Collection Module